This research will focus on call capacity optimization for voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in wireless mesh networks by using performance optimization techniques such as packet aggregation. In a developing country such as South Africa, evidence has shown that rural inhabitants find it too expensive to afford the voice services offered by cellular networks. VoIP is known for its affordability relative to cellular networks, therefore deploying VoIP services for such communities will not only benefit the rural community but also offer economic advantage to service providers. Unfortunately deploying such services over wireless mesh networks has known vulnerabilities such as packet loss and delay that cause significant reduction in voice quality. Research has shown that the transmission of small voice packets over wireless mesh networks imposes high overhead that leads to a tremendous decrease in call capacity for VoIP. Therefore we intend to study the performance of VoIP over 802.11 wireless mesh networks and evaluate packet aggregation mechanisms that merge small voice packets into a single large packet while still maintaining voice quality. This research will implement and evaluate packet aggregations mechanisms on a mesh potato network. A mesh potato is an 802.11bg mesh router with a single port to connect an analog phone. Iterative cycles of laboratory experiments will be conducted using a network simulator to collect data for performance evaluation.

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