About Me

I am a Computer Science student at the University of the Western Cape. I hope to further my studies in Bioinformatics. My interests are High Performance Computing, Graph Theory, Computer Science, and Bioinformatics.

Most importantly I'm a nice guy Y( ^_^)Y

A Few Accomplishments

In 2012 I entered into the Gajima Code Jam competition and formed a team with some friends. The competition required teams to create a mobile app on any platform within a month. We chose to create an app that appeals to large business enterprises. Our app(MiShifts) helped those with a rotational schedule. It enabled them to easily access any changes made to their schedule as soon as those changes are made. We went on to win the competition.

In 2013 myself and a few friends entered into the national High Performace Computing student competition, which we won and went on to represent South Africa in Germany at the International Super Computing Competition(ISC2014). As part of the national win we were invited to attend Dell's research labs in Austin Texas where we received training in preparation for ISC14. We went on to win ISC14.

Contact Me

you may contact me via: 3065044@myuwc.ac.za