Motivation For Project:

The use of multi-drone teams is justified in situations where the task to be performed is too dangerous,
expensive or difficult to be performed by humans. If not too difficult, tasks can in any case be performed
more cheaply and/or efficiently by utilizing multi-drone teams. There are many such applications which are
the subject of ongoing research and development.

Project Description

Multi drone task allocation (MDTA) consists of coordinating a team of drones to cover any given set of areas in a near-optimal manner with the
objective of achieving environment mapping, surveillance, sensor deployment, acting as communications hubs for immobile wireless sensor
networks or aerobiological sampling. In our project we employ MDTA in two scenarios, the first scenario is where we will be collecting data from multiple locations using two drones and in the other scenario we will be using the drones for surveillance.

The end product of this project is a program that can automatically fly multiple drones to a specific location,
given the location's GPS coordinates. The program must coordinate the drones to avoid collusions and
avoid locations marked as restricted points by the user. The drones must get to specified locations in optimal time
and use the shortest path.The system must divide the given task among the drones and ensure the overall task is done efficiently.

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