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Melato Botsane

Contact Details

Cell #: +27 76 5599 496

E-mail: 2632774@uwc.ac.za

My Honours Project

The project is to develop a system that can de used to Visualize the Wireless Mesh Network.


Since technology is progressing and the use of internet is rapidly advancing to the areas with no network connections. The need to connect the rural area to the network also growing.The approach to connect the rural areas to the network is by setting up a wireless mesh network used since is inexpensive. This project is about build a system that will allow the network administrators to visualize the wireless mesh network. The system that will be build should be able to network topologies, signal strength, bandwidth and Quality of Service.

Project Plan

  1. Term1 Outline/Plan
  2. Term2 Outline/Plan
  3. Term3 Outline/Plan
  4. Term4 Outline/Plan