PseudoCoder Programming Interface

A free, user friendly coding environent designed to teach programming fundamentals.
Created by Luke Fletcher.

About PseudoCoder

PseudoCoder's aim is to help resolve some of the difficulty associated with learning programming fundamentals. Using a stable simplified language, the program aims to explain the core basics of logical thinking, removing the stress and confusion associated with correct syntax and focusing explicitly on functionality.

PseudoCoder also features a number of tools to aid in development, such as template structures, "As you program" formatting suggestions, a variety of home-language context structures, and an integrated compiler with self explanatory output.

PseudoCoder aims to use these features to help new students gain a stronger footing in breaking a problem down into a series of smaller problems which can then be solved logically.


Here you can find links to download documentation for the project.

Term 1 Term 2

Term 3 Term 4

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Feel free to contact with any and all queries, suggestions or feedback on my project as it progresses