Yeyoluntu: Neighborhood watch application

Abstract: The Mfuleni community are experiencing high crime in the area. The community of Mfuleni are scared to report a crime because it might be traced back to them and place themselves and their families in danger. Mfuleni lacks a platform for anonymous reporting about crimes in the area and needs to blow the whistle on crime. This paper is based on developing a web-based application which shall have a responsive design to be used on all devices to record crimes anonymously. This application will be implementing the use of unique tokens for the user to report on, and those tokens will be linked to the reports for reference. A feedback mechanism will complete the communication loop where an administrator will respond to the reporter via the unique token regarding the status of the activity reported. Citizens are also enabled to view crime hotspots on a graphical display regarding previous crime reports in the past. This project aims to engage citizens with local government to help them in their lives by notifying them of the current situation of their neighbourhoods and bridge the gaps between the community and the councillor.


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We are working on civic engagement application. Fabrice Mologo is part of the booking system, myself, the neighborhood watch system, and Aphiwe Tyilanga is all about the service delivery system. We are the enablers of the future...

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