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CommCare is a technology by Dimagi, it is a platform designed for front line workers globally to help with gathering and distributing information. Using it anyone can build a mobile application to collect data and perform case management at little to no costs. CommCare has numerous built-in reports which allow users to track activity of the mobile workers and their data collection, however, it does not have a way to perform analysis of the collected data. We intend to develop an analytical tool for CommCare users in the form of a Web Application. The application would make use of CommCare application programming interfaces to retrieve data from forms and our application will manipulate the data to create a graph or graphs of the users choice and perform some basic analytics with the data. CommCare applications are used by different users however according to the CommCare website the applications are used by mobile workers in rural areas as well. Therefore we have to create the analytical tool such that users with no analytical background will be able to learn how to use the tool effectively and also gain useful knowledge on how to perform useful graph analytics on different data sets.