Web-Based Instant Messaging

Web-Based Instant Messaging

Instant messaging (IM) is an online real-time communication between two or more people based on typed text, voice or video chat over the internet or Local Area Network (LAN) [1]. Web-based Instant Messaging is an IM that is integrated or embedded in a web browser.

Web-based IM has witness a tremendous growth in popularity since inception because of the advantages over a traditional IM application. Web-based IM requires no application download, updates, installation or configuration. You only require a computer that is connected to the internet with a web browser to communicate with your friends and family. Secondly, web-based IM is platform independent, which means that web-based IM can be used in any operating system provided that there is a web browser and internet connection or LAN. Thirdly, with web-based IM there is no problem of firewall. No need for any configuration to avoid firewall since the application is embedded / integrated in a web browser. Read more.

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