Department of Computer Science

Second Tunisia/South Africa Workshop on Advanced Models in QoS and Security Engineering of Hybrid Cloud Networking: Applications to Public Safety

Day 1: Wednesday, 9th March 2016
Venue: 1C at the School of Public Health
Time: 9:00 – 13:00

  1. Dhouha Krichene: VLC-based Public Safety Networks
    2. Sarra Berrahal: Cooperative Sensor Clouds for Public Safety Services in Infrastructure-less Areas
    3. Noorhene Ellouze: Smart CPS Networks for Implementable Medical Devices Support and Security
    4. Imene Arfaoui: A WSN Deployment Under Irregular Conditions for Surveillance Applications
    5. Warren Jacobus: Lightweight Cloud Computing for Big Data Processing
    6. Hope Mauwa: White Space Network Management: Spectrum Quantification, Network Design and Spectrum Allocation
    7. Emmanuel Tuyishimire: Internet-of-Things in Motion: Cooperative Data Mulling Using a Team of Drones
    8. Zenville Erasmus: Renewable Energy Systems: Systems Dimensioning and Remote Monitoring
    9. Samson Akintoye: Cloud-based Storage Systems: Systems Monitoring and Resources Allocation
    10. Claude Kakoko Lubamba: Cyber-Healthcare Systems: Information Dissemination, Systems Interoperability and Security

Day 2: Thursday, 10th March 2016
Venue: SEM 1A (Life Science Building - up stairs)
Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Title talk: Security Challenges in Telecommunications

Several new paradigms have emerged in Telecommunications through the recent, years including 5G networking, cloud computing, and massive data processing. These paradigms have attracted a lot of interest and have shown various efficiency limitations of the protecting techniques in use due to the inability of these techniques to cope with the large values of the involved parameters and absence of appropriate real-time estimators. This talk discusses the major limitations and gives a classification of the challenges facing the access and service providers. In particular, the challenges related to identity management, user authentication, and secure QoS-aware routing will be discussed. A special interest will be made on the emerging solutions within the large scale networks.

Prof. Noureddine BoudrigaBio: Pr. Noureddine Boudriga is an internationally known scientist/academic. He received his PhD in algebraic topology from University Paris XI (France) and his DSc (Doctorat d’Etat) in computer science from the University of Tunis (Tunisia, 1991). He is currently a full Professor of Telecommunications at the University of Carthage, Tunisia, and the Director of the Communication Networks and Security Research Laboratory (CNAS). He has served as the General Director and founder of the Tunisian National Digital Certification Agency. He is the recipient of the Tunisian Presidential Award in Science and Research (2004). He is involved in a very active research in communication networks, cyber security and defense, and Optical and wireless communication. He authored and co-authored many journal papers, books, and book chapters on communication networks and cyber security.

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