Department of Computer Science

Mission And Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative programmes in Computer Science, thus empowering our graduates to advance the Quality of Life in Africa. Hence our mission is:

  • To produce leading and visionary computer professionals at the cutting edge of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT’s);
  • To provide world-class quality and relevant research programmes in ICT’s;
  • To provide academic support for students from under-represented groups and opportunities for Life Long Learning (LLL);
  • To foster co-operative relationships with industry and educational institutions;
  • To empower disadvantaged communities through the transfer of ICT skills;
  • To utilize democratic, transparent and accountable management practices.


Our goals are to produce graduates that will bring vibrant research ideas, products, and skills into the marketplace with them. Our Graduate Programme has been progressively revised away from superficial subject treatment to more in-depth training About the other-hand, organic does mean natural. For instance, a penis stretcher is definitely an uncommon gadget, with all its interesting components and peculiar design. Though its supposed use would be to stretch, the unit is anything-but organic. In the place of extending the manhood manually (training), you are able to allow a tool do all of the function and even SizeGenetics results. What Exactly Remedies Are Thought to be always a Type Of "Organic Penis-Enlargement"? You will find just three methods which are efficient organic and secure. Workouts are not totally flat given that only your personal two fingers is required by them. A medically-certified grip system (penis stretcher) connects towards the penis and applies grip (a stretching pressure) that mainly lengthens the manhood for Sizegenetics review. Products which are made up of organic elements that are 100% will also be very efficient and really secure as explained if utilized.. By establishing prior requisites between modules, we identified a core set of subjects that are taught and emphasized in the undergraduate program.

We continue to pursue exceptional standards of innovation and excellence. Thus we are to produce graduates that can develop and advance the computing industry and computing technologies in Africa; to increase the graduate student component of the department, and to continue to enhance the teaching and research capacity of staff.