Department of Computer Science

Project Planning and Meetings

Each term, you must define a project plan that includes the specific tasks of your project, and the dates by which you intend to accomplish them. Everyone's project plan will include dates for the submission of project doucments, weekly meetings, monthly reports, and the presentation. However, the most important items on the project plan will relate specifically to the technical issues of your project. The project plan should be continually updated. Essentially, the project plan maps out a schedule for each term, and should be updated as you work ahead or fall behind the schedule, or discover things that you need to do along the way. If you organise your project plan well, by the end of each month, you will have a summary of what you have accomplished for the month. For CoE students, the Monthly Report must be clearly identified on a webpage devoted to the project.


You are required to meet with your project supervisor on a weekly basis to discuss the progress and problems related to your project. The format, length and content of the meetings will vary from supervisor to supervisor, and even student to student, but the overall objectives are to inform your supervisor of your progress and also to get advice on how to go about defining and prioritising the activities required to complete each module's objectives. If you miss three of these meetings, you will not be allowed to pass the module.