Department of Computer Science

Project Marks

To prevent you from coding or performing your project two weeks before it is due (at the end of the 4th term), you will be continually assessed on your progress. Your weekly meetings with your supervisor are included in the marking schedule. That means you get marks just for attending those meetings! Take advantage of those meetings because they set the tone for your entire project. If you miss three meetings with your supervisor per term, you may not pass a project module. You must meet weekly with your supervisor to make sure you stay on track! The project's marks are broken into marks for the 4 modules.

The marks for a term consist of the following:

  • 50 Module requirements
  • 20 Project Plan/Monthly report
  • 20 Presentation
  • 10 Weekly attendance with supervisor
  • 100 Total
Here is an interpretation of marks

85% and over

A truly outstanding distinction: masterly coverage demonstrating advanced levels of understanding, originality and analysis or research (theoretically and/or empirically) over and above that required for other distinction categories below. Worthy of publication as is.


80 - 85

A strong distinction without reservations: authoritative coverage of relevant material as well as background literature and/or related issues; outstanding presentation in terms of argument, organization, originality and style. Demonstrates full understanding of subject matter and at most minor typographical corrections required.


75 - 79

Merits distinction though with some reservations: a more than competent presentation with good organization and sound critical arguments. Evidence of originality / clear insight / solid depth of understanding. Some minor omissions and / or corrections required.


70 – 74

Does not merit a distinction, but there is evidence of some originality and flair. The substantive part of the work is competently covered, well organized and lucidly argued. There are omissions or areas where revisions would improve the work.


60 - 69

Solidly executed, adequate organization, competent methodology and conclusions adequately drawn. Very little originality, if any, but an adequate overall performance. May require some minor revisions.


50 - 59

No originality, but a pedestrian, albeit competent, review of the literature, a basic understanding of the significance of the issue discussed, and a fairly competent methodology. There may be problems of organization and expression, of layout and typographical errors, but the work exhibits the main features of academic work sufficiently to pass. Some major revisions may be required.


49 and less

The work is clearly not adequate. It exhibits such a level of disorganization and incoherence as to be termed incompetent. The work fails to demonstrate familiarity with basic academic conventions of presentation and organization. A failing mark indicates that it clearly does not pass in its present form, but if re-worked substantially and re-submitted it may be brought into a passworthy form.