Department of Computer Science

COS 729 Compilers (15 credits)

[Pre-requisites: A course on formal languages, software engineering or equivalent outcome skills.]

Main Content:

  • Understand key concepts in the theory of LALR(1)compilers and their implementation
  • Complete a working compiler
  • Experience a largish programming project

Main Outcomes:
At the successful completion of this course the student should have:

  • Scanners,
  • Experience with a scanner generator,
  • Context-free grammars,
  • Parsing,
  • Top-down recursive descent parsing,
  • LL(1) parsing,
  • Bottom-up parsing with SLR(1),
  • LR(1),
  • LALR(1) parsers,
  • Experience with an LALR(1) parser generator,
  • Semantic analysis,
  • Attribute grammars,
  • Run-time environments,
  • Code generation,
  • Practical implementation of compiler.

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