Department of Computer Science

COS 727 Operating Systems (15 credits)

[Pre-requisites: Undergraduate Operating Systems]

Main Content:

  • Knowledge of fundamental Operating Systems (OS) theoretical concepts and algorithms.
  • Ability to code practical applications of OS theory and algorithms.
  • Ability to conduct critical verbal and written discourse concerning theoretical, practical and contemporary OS issues.
  • Corollary outcomes include mastery of the C programming language, code/design documentation skills and deepened analytical and critical thinking skills via reading, writing and presentation (discourse) exercises

Main Outcomes:
At the successful completion of this course the student should have:

  • Conceptual in-depth case study of a contemporary operating system, e.g. MINIX.
  • Process management and algorithms.
  • Input/output and device drivers.
  • Memory management and algorithms.
  • File system internals.
  • Contemporary Operating System research topics, e. g. threads and virtualization.

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