Department of Computer Science

COS 726 Advance Software Engineering (15 credits)

[Pre-requisites: Software Engineering or equivalent outcome skills]

Main Content:

  • Create a Formal Mathematical Specification using Z;
  • Demonstrate the use of box structure specification for analysis, design & verification;
  • Demonstrate domain engineering & component-based development;
  • Analyze and blend conventional principles, concepts and methods with Object-Oriented & component-based SE;
  • Create high quality Web applications;
  • Restructure (reconstruct/re-engineer) software to improve quality;
  • Demonstrate the use automated tools in support of the SE process;
  • Explain and be aware of the latest developments within SE

Main Outcomes:
At the successful completion of this course the student should have:

  • Formal Methods;
  • Z Specification Language
  • Cleanroom Software Engineering (SE);
  • Component-Based SE;
  • Client/Server SE;
  • Web Engineering;
  • Reengineering;
  • Computer-Aided SE;
  • Recent publications (e.g. IEEE, ACM, etc) concerning the latest trends and developments with SE;

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