Department of Computer Science

COS 114 (1st Semester) or COS124 (2nd Semester) (15 credits)
Computer Literacy:

Main Content:

Practical Concepts:

  • Introduction to an operating system, e-mail and the Internet;
  • Applications software including word processing and spreadsheets;
  • Introduction to database management;
  • Introduction to presentation graphics and;
  • The integration of the above mentioned application programs.

Theoretical Concepts:

  • System programs;
  • Data and data organization;
  • Files and records, file management;
  • Principles and usage of basic software;
  • Systems programs;
  • Data and data organisation;
  • Computer architecture;
  • The computer marketplace;
  • Local area networks and e-mail;
  • The Internet, data security and control.


Main Outcomes:
At the successful completion of this course the student should have:

  • The ability to use computers (including e-mail and Internet), software and multimedia to create and edit documents;
  • The skilful use of worksheets and databases;
  • Ability to integrate different application software packages;
  • An understanding of programs, data, files and file organization on a computer system, computer architecture, the computer marketplace; local area networks and e-mail; the Internet, data security and control.

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