Department of Computer Science

COS 101 Problem Solving, Algorithms and Programming (30 credits)

[Co-requisites: Computer Literacy module (COS114 or COS124) and 1st Year Mathematics, EED]

Main Content:

  • Problem solving, algorithm design, trace tables, constructs;
  • Abstraction;
  • Pseudocode;
  • Structured diagramming techniques (top-down design);
  • Arrays and data structures;
  • Development and application of simple algorithms;
  • High level programming language fundamentals;
  • Basic data types and methods;
  • The Software Development Life Cycle;
  • Design tools and object oriented design;
  • Inter-modular communication: Parameter passing and variable scope;
  • Objects as parameters;
  • Introduction to inheritance;
  • Data modeling, File I/O and recursion.


Main Outcomes:
At the successful completion of this course the student should have:

  • The ability to read, understand and solve problems;
  • Problem solving techniques and improved analytical thinking;
  • An understanding of sequence, selection and repetition control structures;
  • Ability to design an algorithm to solve a given problem;
  • Express an algorithm in pseudocode / structured diagram;
  • Implementation of algorithms in a high-level programming language (e.g.Java);
  • An understanding of the Software Development Cycle;
  • Parameter passing and the use of arrays;
  • Understand and implement the Object Oriented (OO) paradigm and inheritance;
  • Design and present a team project.

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